Hi there, I am Liam Smith and I am a 28 years old sports enthusiast from California USA. I love trying different sports and try a new one almost every month.

Here are the sports I have played till now and my experience in them.

SportsExperience (Years)Info
Cycling10+ YearsObviously, I have been cycling since my childhood but I started cycling seriously in high school and I used to cycle every day with my friends in the morning, I still cycle twice a week but without my school friends to stay healthy.
Bowling10+ YearsI have been bowling since high school and I still bowl a few times a month with my friends.
Running7 YearsI ran my first 5k marathon when I was 19 years old – I was a big fitness enthusiast at that time and did a ton of different things as well, I literally used to run for 30 minutes every day for more than 3 years in my college time.
Skating (Roller/Rollerblading)3-5 yearsI used to rollerblade when I was in high school and that stayed limited to my high school only, although, I talk to skating trainers and other skaters while writing the articles so that I can provide the best quality tips.
Skiing / Snowboarding5-7 timesI went skiing for the first time with my college friends (college trip) and then gone for skiing almost every winter (tried snowboarding at the same time)
Other Extreme Sports5-7 TimesTill now, I have done skydiving thrice (the first time was terrible), kitesurfing twice, bungee jumping once (was scary)
Archery1-2 MonthI am not that experienced in Archery, I just have tried it once.