Bowling is a fun activity where you have to throw a heavy ball and knockdown generally 10 pins lined up from a distance of 60 feet. But, unfortunately, not many people bowl in the United States in comparison to Baseball, Football, and Golf. So, In this article, I will be telling you about the 11 benefits of bowling and the reason why everyone should bowl.

Bowling mainly has two kinds of benefits – Mental benefits and Health Benefits. First, let’s talk about the health benefits and then we’ll move on to the Mental Benefits.

Strengthens Muscle

In Bowling, you have to lift a 6-14 pounds ball very often and throw it with power on the lane. Every time, you do this, you use your arms, wrists, and shoulder, while bending down, you use your legs with the ultimate goal to push that heavy ball on the lane.

When you use your arms, wrists, and legs so often, your muscles strengthen up gradually. Bowling can make an even bigger impact and strengthen your muscles quickly and more fiercely if you use a 14-pound ball as the weight you will be using will now be even higher.

You get to throw the bowling ball 20 times in a single game. Two games = 40 times and three games = 60 times, That will be a lot of reps.

When you repeatedly swing and release such a heavyweight 20 times, it will tone your hands, wrists, arms, chest, shoulder, and gradually legs as well.

Many times, when you bowl for the first time, you will find some soreness in your hands or other body parts, that’s completely normal because now your body parts function after a lot of time. And after a few weeks of bowling, your body parts will become stronger.

Improves Flexibility


Bowling requires a lot of motion, you have to lung and twist every time you bowl. You have to use your arms and legs at the same time and maintain a proper balance to propel the ball properly on the lane.

You are not only strengthening your muscles with bowling, but you’re also stretching the muscles which improve the overall flexibility.

All this, gradually makes you flexible and increases your balance.

Cardiovascular Exercise – Helps In Weight Loss

Bowling is a cardiovascular exercise hence it raises the flow of oxygen and blood in the body. There are many other cardio exercises but trust me none of them are more fun than bowling.

Many people struggle to get cardio in on regular basis (As it is kind of boring), for such people, bowling is an excellent sport because you will get cardio in on regular basis as well as, you will be enjoying the exercise.

As Bowling is a cardio exercise, it also helps in weight loss – it can burn anywhere from 150 calories to 350 calories which is almost equivalent to 1 hour of walking.

Bowling is a fun exercise, you might get bored most of the time while walking but you will never be bored bowling.

Although bowling is not going to be an intense cardio workout like jumping rope or skiing as you don’t build up a consistent cardiac intense workout.

If your main goal is to lose calories with bowling, then try to avoid bowling with more than 4 people because then you will get a lot of time to rest, and hence it will be less effective.

Low-Impact Exercise

Exercise is very important in one’s life but many beginners don’t exercise just because it gets too harsh on their body and they feel pain. Not everyone can run or jump rope for 60 minutes straight but anyone can easily walk for 30-60 minutes, I have seen many guys (who are not even physically fit) bowling continuously for more than 3 hours.

Unlike many other exercises and sports, bowling counts as a low-impact exercise hence there is low impact on your joints and therefore you won’t get tired too early.

Thus bowling becomes an excellent exercise for beginners.

Reduce Risks Of Heart Diseases & Other Diseases

Every 36 seconds, an American dies because of heart disease, this shows how important it is for us to care for our heart till it’s too late. (Source)

As Bowling is a cardio workout, it is good for your heart. Cardiovascular activity makes your heart rate accelerate and helps it to pump blood properly which ultimately strengthens your heart which is probably the most important organ of our body.

It also reduces the risk of many other diseases such as diabetes, lowers cholesterol level, better blood pressure, and it also helps in respiration.

Easy to Learn

Bowling is very easy to learn, after just 4-5 games, you will be able to score a 150+ which is a good average score in bowling. Not sure of how hard bowling will be, I have written a detailed article on it and also shared some tips to score 150+ in your first game, you can read it by clicking here.

I scored 170 in my first game of bowling, I’ve shared some of my personal experience there so make sure you check that out.

Anyone Can Bowl With No Age Limitations

Everyone can bowl whether you’re an 8-year-old boy or a 65-year-old man. Even if a person is disabled or a 4-year-old kid, he can bowl too with the help of bumper bowling, I have written a detailed article on bumper bowling on how it works and some benefits of it. You can learn more about bumper bowling here.

So If you plan to bowl with your family and you have a very little one and you don’t want him to feel bored as he will not be able to properly throw a 10-pound bowling ball, bumper bowling is the solution in such a situation, so make sure you check that article out as well.

Providing a Social Outlet

Bowling with friends

You can definitely bowl alone but it becomes even more fun when you bowl with a partner, friends, or family members. It can be a great way to meet new people especially when you have moved to a new place.

Whether you bowl casually or you want to play at a competitive level, bowling is a social sport where you get a chance to meet new bowlers every time.

When you bowl, you get the opportunity to talk with each other, share laughs, and have a good time with your family/friends/co-workers.

Bowling centres also offer many opportunities to bowlers so that they can expand their social circle whether at the individual level or in groups.

Some of them are:

  • Leagues
  • Tournaments
  • Charity Bowling Events
  • Other Social Groups

You can also form different bowling groups by yourself, if you’ve any idea of a bowling group, let the manager know about it, they are always looking for great ideas to get bowlers in their center.

Stress Reliever

Bowling is a fun sport with family and friends. It relieves stress as well, in fact, many companies around the globe have their own small bowling alley so that the employees can go there when their work is done and relieve their stress there.

Improves Focus & Builds Confidence

aiming bowling

When you’re bowling, you need to stay focused and hence it improves your focus. When you bowl a strike, it builds up confidence, and competing with your friends feels really awesome and will make you feel confident.

Improves Coordination

In bowling, you have to move your hands and legs at the same time which improves your overall body coordination. Throwing the bowling ball and hitting the pins requires a lot of hand-eye coordination as well.

This sort of center animates mental readiness, focus, and strategic system. This makes bowling nothing but strikes for youngsters to hone engine abilities and deftness, and for more seasoned individuals to refine strategies.

In Bowling, you have to focus on the target, swing the ball back, bend down, and then at last release the bowl. These actions require you to maintain your coordination, stay limber, and keep from falling down. The more you practice bowling with the proper form, the more your coordination, flexibility, and balance will improve.

Does Bowling Help To Lose Weight?

Bowling is a great cardiovascular low impact exercise and thus it is a great way to lose weight where you can burn 150-300 calories per hour of bowling which is equivalent to 1 hour of walking but bowling would be much more fun than just walking down the street.

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