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Cycling shoes of men and women look very similar, so the question comes what are the differences between them, In this article, I will be answering this question only and further in the article, I will also tell you whether you can interchange them or not – (Women wearing men’s shoes / Men wearing Women’s shoes)

Every cycling shoe is built with different sizes and fits, although there is not a big difference between men’s and women’s cycling shoes. Women’s usually have a narrow heel and smaller feet that’s why their shoe comes in smaller sizes. Oppositely men’s feet are not so smaller as women’s. 

  • The average shoe size of an American woman is considered to be between 8.5 to 9  which means their foot size would be around 9.75 in / 24.6 cm.
  • And, the average shoe size of an American man is considered to be 10.5, the worldwide average size is between 9 to 12 (10.26 in / 26cm – 11.25 in / 28.6 cm).

If women like men’s shoes more than the same made for women’s, she can wear one according to her foot size. Some women only prefer men’s shoes over women. Everyone’s preferences are different, and so does the brand they like. With many brands in today’s world, there come a lot of different choices.  

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Cycling Shoes

The only main difference between men and women cycling staff is the size and fit. Women’s shoes are built narrow from the heel and wider from the toe. On the other hand, men’s shoes are built wider and larger than women’s shoes. If you see the difference between shoe size, read the following comparison:

Men’s shoe size Women’s shoe size
Narrow Q-angles which doesn’t require extra support. Wider Q-angles, which require extra support.
With overall general size, men’s shoes come as slim in width. With an overall smaller size, these shoes come with narrow in the heel and wider in the toe.
Have different midsole materials depending on the type of shoes. Have other types of midsole material depending on the design of the shoe.

Women’s and men’s shoes are not only different in sizes but are different in colors, designs, shapes, and brands. But the main difference is the size only, if you have the same size as a men’s cycling shoe then you can wear one despite its color or design. 

Can Women wear Men’s Cycling Shoes?

As mentioned above, women’s shoe sizes are generally smaller than men’s. There are many women although who wear men’s cycling shoes without any problems. If you have a bigger foot size, then you can go for men’s cycling shoes.

Many times, women prefer buying men’s cycling shoes because they feel more comfortable with them because of the larger space they get. The average shoe size of men equivalent to women is: (may differ on different products)

Women’s Shoe Size Men’s Shoe Size
8-8.5 (24-24.6 cm) 7-7.5 (24.2 -24.6 cm)
9-9.5 (25-25.4 cm) 8-8.5 (25.2-25.7 cm)
10-10.5 (25.9-26 cm) 8.5-9 (25.7-26 cm)
11-11.5 (26.7 cm) 9.5-10 (26.5-26.8 cm)

If you are one of the people who are not so fascinated about the design or color of cycling shoes and you have a medium or larger shoe size, of course, you can wear men’s cycling shoes.

Can Men Wear Women’s Shoes?

Again, it’s the choice of preferences, if men want to wear women’s shoes they can, no one is going to stop them. It is completely okay for men to wear women’s shoes if they like them as the only difference is in the sizing. As men’s shoes are built in larger sizes because of their wider foot size, most women’s shoes are manufactured in very large sizes (12-14) are made very similar to men’s shoes.

The average shoe size of men equivalent to women is: (may differ on different products)

Men’s Shoe Size Women’s Shoe Size
7-7.5 (24.2 -24.6 cm) 8-8.5 (24-24.6 cm)
8-8.5 (25.2-25.7 cm) 9-9.5 (25-25.4 cm)
8.5-9 (25.7-26 cm) 10-10.5 (25.9-26 cm)
9.5-10 (26.5-26.8 cm) 11-11.5 (26.7 cm)

Some men find women’s cycling shoes more comfortable, and so do they try wearing them. It’s not a shame, it’s your preference to wear anything you like. As women can wear men’s shoes, so does men can. Wear that one cycling shoes that fit according to your size.

Although, not many men wear women’s cycling shoes because they may fit tighter for many men.

Best Cycling Shoes For Men That Women May Prefer

Now as we talked about that Women can wear men’s cycling shoes depending upon their choice and if they feel their foot is a little wider / bigger. The question comes, what’s the best men’s shoes that many women prefer.

I asked many women cyclists who wear men’s shoes what shoes they use and the majority of the replies were the Venzo’s Bicycle Shoes and luckily, In fact, use the same as well so I can definitely recommend them as they are the best for men cyclists as well and women cyclists as well.

They are super comfortable and are amazing for performance, I have never regretted purchasing them although their quality is not top-notched, IMO and by my research that’s the highest quality shoes, you can get in this price range for cycling.

I was really surprised by the comfortability of these shoes as I thought they were going to be super tight but they really worked pretty well, they are available on Amazon and have a ton of reviews as well.

For many hobbies and people who don’t cycle so often, these cycling shoes may also be expensive for you. So, a budget alternative could be the R ROADDEAR Peloton Cycling shoes, I was really surprised at how cheap I was able to buy these shoes from the listing on Amazon. These are the best shoes for you if you’re on a tight budget.

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