Many people assume that Roller Skating is a sport only the skinnier and more athletic can participate in. For overweight individuals, Roller Skating can be a challenging activity. You have to be extra careful as you slowly learn. This article is all about Roller Skating for overweight and fat people.

However, all this hard work is worth it because Roller Skating is one of the most fun sports out there. This article will dive deep into the question of whether overweight people can roller skate. I’ll also talk about some health concerns that come with being overweight while skateboarding and provide tips on how to start skating if you’re an overweight person.

Let’s come back to the question, Can Overweight people Roller skate?

Overweight People can roller skate, although balancing can be difficult for them generally it is ok for fat people to roller skate. Most roller skates can handle are220lbs and that’s why It gets harder for people weighing over 250lbs to roller skate because of the risks involved.

Don’t get too excited if you’re under 220lbs because you may still get some problems in Roller Skating which I have talked about later in the article. I have also shared some great tips for fat people if they are planning to roller skate.

Is There a Weight Limit For Roller Skates?

There is no definite weight limit for roller skates but roller skates of most of the brands will be able to handle up to 220lbs. While some roller skates can even handle more than 300lbs depending upon the brand and the quality of the product.

Can You Rollerblade If You’re Over 300lbs?

People over 250lbs can roller skate but when you are over 250lbs or even over 300lbs you are going to face some issues like balancing. First of all, you’ll need good quality roller skates that can handle your weight, and then it is all about practicing.

Later in the article, I have talked about the best skates to use when you are fat so stay tuned as you don’t want to get roller skates that wobble the moment you stand on them.

Problems Fat People May Face While Roller Skating

Below are some problems you may face if you are fat and you try to roller skate.

1.You Will Have A Hard Time Finding A Pair Of Skates That Fit

Feet are very difficult to fit into shoes, slippers, or any other kind of footwear especially when you are fat, you may have noticed this thing before as well. Roller Skating is basically just like shoes with wheels. Being overweight sometimes restricts what shoes you can use. 

So weight is taken into account when shopping for your new roller skates, especially if you have thin ankles. I remember years ago Roller Skating when I was in high school thinking to myself, I’ll never be able to roll around on the ice like that. 

However, it turns out I couldn’t take off my shoes while skating because my ankles were too big and I would slide on my roller skates even without Roller Skating on the road.

This problem can occur to anyone even if you are slim but usually fat people have slightly bigger feet, that’s why I covered this. 

Even if your feet are small and usually fit in almost any shoes, you may have to face problems while finding roller skates because of your weight.

Most roller skates can handle around 200lbs and can even go up to 220lbs, if you weigh more than 220lbs, you will have trouble finding good roller skates that can handle your weight. 

But, don’t worry further in the article I am going to share some tips that can help you get some good roller skates if you are fat. And will also share some of the best roller skates for overweight people.

2. Balancing And Controlling Roller skates Can Be Tough For Fat People

Balancing on roller skates can be tough for you if you are overweight and weigh more than 200lbs. If your lower back aches from doing balance exercises, it is going to be very difficult for you to roller skate. 

Still, if you try Roller Skating, your balancing problem can lead to you falling off your roller skates. This is actually a common reason why many people end up hurt when they ride their roller skates — they simply can’t balance as well when they are wider at the hips.

3. Heart Problems

Overweight persons have more trouble performing cardio exercises such as jogging to lose weight and keeping it off, especially if they are female. Roller Skating is a superb cardiovascular exercise, but excessively large persons can be sent hurtling down the pavement by its rough riding and it definitely isn’t for everyone.

If you weigh more than 300lbs, then you are usually prone to this, consider talking to a doctor before starting Roller Skating as it can be dangerous for your heart.

4. Injuries

There are different risks involved with Roller Skating. When you are fat and you decide to go Roller Skating, it is important to understand the possible injuries that you may get into. There are different risks involved with Roller Skating. Roller Skating can cause many injuries and you are more prone to these injuries when you are overweight.

Below are some common injuries roller skaters get:

  • 1. Neck injuries
  • 2. Back injuries
  • 3. Finger injuries
  • 4. Wrist injuries
  • 5. Knee and ankle injuries

5. People Might Make Fun Of You

Well, this is not a big problem if you think positively. People always make fun of fat people doing some physical work whether it is running, exercising, and even Roller Skating. That’s why you will need to be prepared to ignore these people and focus on what you’re doing.

You may get afraid of falling off your roller skates just because of your fat body. You will have to learn to ignore and learn to not stop just because of some people.

How to Roller skate When you Are Fat

If you want to get started Roller Skating but you are overweight then below are some very beneficial tips that will help you get started and have a great Roller Skating future ahead.

1. Do Some Balancing Exercises

As said earlier as well, a very common problem for fat people who roller skate is balancing (although this problem is also faced by very slim people). You should improve your balancing power even before you go on the roller skates.

You can try the following simple exercises:-

  • Wall Sit
  • Balancing on one leg
  • Running

2. Get a Sturdy Pair of Roller skates

Most roller skates can hold up to 200-220lbs. If you weigh more than that, consider following the below tips: (these tips are also very beneficial for people weighing less than that)

  • Buy from a reputable seller (Local sellers may sell you poor quality roller skates for the sake of money)
  • Go for Larger Wheels
  • Ask For a Demo (Test the wheels and bearings – make sure they don’t wobble)

I would highly suggest you not get roller skates from an offline store because they may sell great roller skates but those skates may not be meant for fat people.

The best roller skate for fat people is Moxi Roller skates – Loli, they are very durable and very comfortable. They were specially designed for fat people and can hold up a lot of weight. Many of my fellow fat skaters use Loli and they just love the product.

You can see more about them and buy them on Amazon by clicking here.

One of my friends uses these skates and finds these skates to be super comfortable, he weighs 240lbs btw.

Shove one of the cofounders of Moxi Roller skates use Loli when she roller skates and she weighs more than 350 lbs (she told this in her video).

She has also shared some tips for roller skating for fat people, you can watch it here:-

The problem with Loli is that it is a little expensive.

Another budget-friendly option is Beach bunny By Moxi Skates.

Beach bunny skates are another great skates that are used by many people around the world and they are most loved by fat people.

They are budget-friendly and comes in a large variety of color options.

You can find them on Amazon by clicking here.

When you are fat, you may also not find protective gear that fits as you will be having thicker thighs. Moxi skates also offer protective gears, if you weigh anywhere around 180lbs-200lbs.

Then the Large / XL Size will work great for you. You can find it on Amazon.

If you weigh more than 250lbs, then the thicksets are going to work perfectly for you. You can find the thickset only on their own site Moxi Skates.

3. Practice indoors

Before learning to roller skate you should practice Roller Skating in your house only. Roller Skating indoors is actually more fun because you don’t have to worry about hitting ramps or other obstacles. 

When learning to roller skate, do not try to go alone. Find a group of people nearby and ask them if they would like to help out or teach you the technique or just ask a friend to go with you (even if she doesn’t roller skate; she can do a normal walk).

Learning to Stand & Balance On the Roller skates

At the very beginning, once you wear your skates, hold any object to take support, and then practice standing on the skates. Leave that object for a second and try to do balance, hold that object immediately when you think you’re about to lose balance.

Do this for a few minutes and when you feel that you are comfortable standing on skates and you’re facing no difficulty, then follow the next tip.

Walk While Wearing Your Roller skates

Now, walk around while wearing your roller skates – walk the way you normally walk, left leg up, right leg down (you know…….) but the twist is you have to do this while wearing your skates, this will help you learn balancing which is the most common problem of most fat people.

Roller skate On Each leg Separately

Take off-skates from one of your legs and start skating with only one leg while taking support of the other leg. (This helped many people including me in the beginning as many people face difficulty in balancing.) 

Do this for at least 30 minutes (it is actually pretty fun). 

Then after 30 minutes roller skate on both of your legs together, go slow in the beginning and don’t forget to wear the protective gear. 

5. Learn Roller Skating From a Professional

It is much easier to learn Roller Skating from a trainer than to learn it yourself. You will need to get to know about many different kinds of stuff like balancing, turning, stopping, and many more by yourself which can be irritating.

Also, when you are fat, he can guide you to roller skate in comfort. 

If you cannot find a trainer to guide you up, you can basically just surf the internet. Many people are teaching you Roller Skating online on Youtube and you can also read different blogs on skating. 

6. Wear Loose Clothes that Allow Freedom of Movement

Many fat people find this tip useful but if you are not feeling comfortable Roller Skating while wearing loose clothes, consider wearing normal clothes. Don’t wear jeans as jeans are generally tight especially when you are fat. Consider wearing comfortable clothes like shorts. 

(Learn more about what you should wear while Roller Skating by clicking here)

7. Always Carry a Water Bottle With You

Staying hydrated is very important for everyone and I recommend this to almost every person who is getting involved in any kind of sports.

When you are fat you may easily get tired of Roller Skating and may need immediate water that’s why carrying a water bottle is more important for you in comparison to other normal people. Also, fat people require more water than normal people, that’s why I included this tip here.

8. Don’t Push It Too Hard & Don’t Be Overconfident

If you get tired then just stop immediately, drink some water, sit for a while and take a little rest.  Just don’t push it too hard, stay in your comfort zone as it may be very harmful to your health if you get out of your comfort zone and try to be overconfident. 

This can damage your inner health and can even make you injured.

9. Don’t Go On Downhill Or Uphill

One Of the major advantages of fat people in  Roller Skating is that they go really fast when they are going downhill and they go really slow when going uphill. I recommend avoiding both of these situations as going downhill can easily make you lose your control and may make you injured while going uphill may make you lose your balance.

Bottom Line

I hope you like the article and get answers to all your questions and can implement any or all of the tips in this article in your own roller skating life.  

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