Can You Leave Archery Targets Outside? & What Types?

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There are lots of different types of targets we can use for archery. You may be wondering if you had the choice to shoot an archery target which target would you hold up.

The majority of the archery target can be left outside in the open.  Some may include 3d targets, foam targets, and bag type targets. Compressed paper products can also be kept out in the rainy weather and also the sun has a good effect on the target.

With a foam plank and lots of old clothes, you can make a target that will stand up to pretty much anything.

Old clothes, sheets, and towels are perfect for target stuffing. Solid foam targets can handle repetitive daily shooting by advanced archers because they’re made of high-density plastic foam.

They usually have long lifespans and can tolerate the weather, making them great for outdoor use.

What Types of Targets Can Be Left Outside?

There are lots of targets you can use outside. The main thing about it is the material with which it is made up of. The following are the different types of targets that you can leave outside.

Bag targets

This is the most popular type of archery target and is very easy to find in the market. It is also very cheap and cost-effective. Any common person can afford it.  The bag is made of woven polypropylene and is filled with foam scraps.

The bag and the foam inside of it can withstand the rain and even the cold or the winter weather. However, the UV rays of the sun can damage the bag over time.

Some of the steps to avoid the damage of the bag is

  • Keep the target inside when it’s not used by anyone
  • Keeping the target in some shady area
  • Often cover the bag with the cloth if it’s not in use
  • The foam layer and block target

It is another popular archery target used by bow hunters and target hunters just like the olden age. They are similar in terms of durability. The materials that this target is made of are very durable.

Solid targets are built up of extensive self-healing foam. These are often made of high-density materials like carpet squares or corrugated cardboard, layered one on top of another, and compressed with a clamp system or straps.

The layer targets are also made up of similar material but they have multiple layers of foam. The material of the bag can withstand very well against the rain, snow, or sleet.

All these together hold the sunlight better than that other target bags but try not to keep in the sun too much or too often as it can affect the bag. The UV ray and heat of the sun can easily damage the bag.

3D Target

This type of target is the most exciting to shoot but is expensive too. You can get different types of creatures for targets like deer, turkey, tigers, lions, monkeys, etc. The targets are made up of self-healing foam and some good manufacturers of them are Rinehart and Delta McKenzie.

One of the benefits of using this target is that they are manufactured for the outdoor weather and hence they are durable. They are the most popular used in the archery competition.

Again take caution to not keep this target in the sun or direct contact with the sun for a long period as the UV rays of the sun can damage it, you can also use a cloth to cover it so it will be safe. You can custom tailor your experience to match the particular budget.

DIY Targets

There are different types of ways to make DIY target bags. The material in this target bed can be used both inside or outside but remember not to keep in rain or water much as the cardboard might get soggy and it might shrink and fall apart.

Can Archery Targets Get Wet?

Well, the thing is, it depends on the type of target you’ve got. See, there are different kinds of archery targets, like foam targets, bag targets, and all that. Some of them can handle a bit of rain, and others, not so much.

For example, those bag targets, they’re usually made of woven polypropylene and filled with foam scraps. They can take a bit of rain and cold weather, but too much exposure to the sun can be a problem. So, it’s a good idea to keep them dry when you’re not using them.

Then there are foam targets, and they’re pretty solid. They’re made of high-density plastic foam and can handle daily shooting by advanced archers. Rain isn’t much of an issue for them, but again, too much sun can be a problem, so it’s best to keep them shaded.

So, long story short, yes, archery targets can get wet, but it really depends on the type and material. Just keep an eye on the weather and make sure to take good care of your target.

Ways To Leave an Archery Target Outside Without Ruining Them

Many archery targets can be left outside but remember that they are abused by the natural forces so they do need or require good protection.

For good protection, one has to cover the target bags with a good target bag. This is what everyone who owns the target advises people to do.

Build Shelter

Building a shelter is something that should be done to protect the archery target. It doesn’t have to be so expensive, something cheap like just a few poles and a roof will do. We have to keep aware and keep the target away from the sun and keep it dry.

Related Questions

What Size Is An Archery Target?

In different rounds and distances, different sized targets are used. In indoor compound bow, 20 yards distance, the target is of 40cm,. While in recurve bows it is 60 cm with the same distance. The size increases when the distance increases.

How Long Do Archery Targets Last?

Quality archery targets with normal usage can last up to 2000 arrows. You can easily improve the lifespan by changing the face of the targets, twisting your target upside down, and by switching your arrows.

Bottom line

The most available targets in the market are made to be used outside for a short-term time. Even sometimes the manufacturer will mark on the package whether it is resistant or not.

Most archery targets are weather resistances and are made to be benefited from the direct sunlight. The UV rays damage the plastic and foams and make them fade or crumble.

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