Roller Skating on the Road: Is it Safe and How to Do It Right?

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Roller skating is mostly done indoors or on smooth surfaces like rinks. But can you skate on roads? It’s possible, but there are safety concerns.

Technically you can roller skate on the road, but roller skating on the road can be unsafe sometimes because of high traffic and bumps on the road. Roads with less traffic and smoother surfaces are safer and best for skating. 

roller skating on the road can be unsafe in many situations as well, there are many other problems you might face while skating on the road as it is completely different than skating on a rink as when you are indoors the surface is very smooth and there’s only you skating in the court but in outdoor skating, there will be rough surfaces, small rocks, bumps, vehicles, people, etc. on the road.

Is It Legal to Roller Skate On-Road?

There are no rules or laws regarding roller skating on the road in many countries until and unless you are skating on a road with less traffic but if you roller skate on a highway, police may charge you but the probability is very low, depending on your local area. 

Rules and Laws for roller skating are very similar and commonly the same for cycling which definitely allows us to roller skate on roads.

Is it Safe to Roller Skate on the Road?

The safety of road skating varies based on factors such as road conditions and the skater’s skill level. Busy or uneven roads can pose risks, emphasizing the importance of carefulness on the road and proper skill development.


. A busy road with lots of traffic, whether vehicles or pedestrians, can be unsafe for skating, as it increases the risk of accidents and collisions. Even on less crowded roads, factors like road quality matter. If it’s riddled with bumps, pits, or rocks, it’s not only less enjoyable but also risky as it may damage your skates or cause you to fall.

A bumpy crowded road, I will never recommend skating on a road like this. It is not only unsafe but not enjoyable as well so why go skating in such a place?

Your Skills

If you are not confident about your speed and stopping with your skates, then skating on a road can be very dangerous for you. 

Speed and Brakes are the two main aspects of skating that you must master to start skating outdoors. 

As, if someone suddenly comes in front of your skates, will you be able to stop yourself? Probably not until and unless you master stopping.

Speed is as important as stopping while moving on a road, as there can be many cracks and rocks on the road, and to pass them, you will need to have a good speed. Not only roads but there are also many cracks on the sidewalks.

If you are slow, then you will get entangled in the cracks and you may even fall. While, if you have good speed, then you can easily surpass those cracks or small rocks.

Can you Do Inline Skating on Roads?

Yes, you can inline skate on the road. Inline skating on the road is a popular activity for many people, but it’s important to do so safely, wear protective gear, and be aware of traffic and road conditions.

What Skates to Use While Roller Skating Outdoor?

For outdoor roller skating, it’s best to use roller skates with outdoor wheels. Inline skates or Rollerblades also work well on roads for outdoor skating.

Can You Roller Skate On The Road With Indoor Wheels?

Using indoor wheels for outdoor skating can be problematic. Indoor wheels are harder, making the ride rough, especially on uneven surfaces like roads, posing risks while turning or going over rocks and cracks. It’s not a safe choice.

How to Convert Indoor Skates To Outdoor

If you have indoor skates, don’t worry; you can convert them for outdoor use without purchasing new ones.

Change the wheels – it’s a simple process. Buy outdoor wheels, choose the narrow ones for speed or wider ones for stability. You can even get glowing wheels with LED lights for a cool look:

Changing Your Wheels

One, you got the new outdoor wheels, it’s time to screw them up in your roller skates. You can follow this video as well for a far better visual explanation. She has explained step by step how to do this.

You can even get glowing wheels with LED lights for a cool look. Honestly saying they look pretty badass. You literally stand out in the crowd with those glowing wheels.

If you talk about outdoor roller skating wheels then just close your eyes and go for the Tranzfrosch ones (not sponsored, even I use them)

1Best Smoothness on roads


2Best Look
Tanzfrosch Light Up


What Side of the Road Do You Roller Skate On?

When roller skating on the road, stay on the right side, following the traffic flow. In the United States, this means skating on the right side and using the right lane whenever possible, except when it’s unsafe.

How to Roller Skate on Road

If you are good to go/checked all the above safety measures, then it’s time to go out and show some moves. Below are some tips to start roller skating on the road.

#1. Safety First

Before you start doing anything, the first step is always Safety. Don’t learn safety from accidents! 

“Skate with caution, it’s the key to a smooth ride.” 🛼🌟

With that saying, go wear your helmet, wear your knee and elbow pads, and Get Ready to Rock on the Road!

#2. Bend Your Knees  While Skating

As I mentioned before, there are many cracks and small rocks on the road and sidewalks. To surpass them, you’ll need to go faster on these cracks because it will help you float right over the cracks. Plus, you can bend your knees to go over them easily. This makes it a lot easier.

But, make sure, don’t go slow. If you go slow, the cracks will catch your wheels and you’ll get stuck over there.

#3. Don’t Walk on the Road

I see many people walking with their skates inside the skating court but it is completely unsafe outside, only a little pebble can make you fall on the road. 

Don’t be afraid to skate normally, if you are still afraid of doing this outside, then you probably need more practice indoors.

#4. Lower Your Body Weight

Many newbie outside skaters fall on their first attempt and hurt themselves because of this reason.  Whenever you start, make sure you lower your body weight. Now, when you are down low if you’re going to fall, you should fall from a lower position than from upright with knees locked.

I want you to bend down in the V Shape, relax your arms, keep your chin up, and transfer your body weight to the left and the right.

#5. Don’t Wear Headphones

Never wear a headphone while rollerblading outdoors. It is completely fine to wear earphones while skating indoors but never wear them when you are on the road. 

The reason is, if you wear a headset then you’ll not be able to hear the sound of the vehicles moving nearby. This is very risky and unsafe. You may even get hit by a car or bike. 

#6. Stepping on and off Curbs

There are definitely going to be many curbs when you are going to skate outside. Getting on and off these curbs can sometimes be hard for you as a beginner. There are two ways to get on & off these bumps.

  1. Stop & Step On: If you are a beginner, then make sure you stop first and then step one foot up and then the other foot, it is just like walking up the stairs but with your skates. This is really easy and advised for all the outdoor skating newbies.
  2. Step On While Skating: If you think of yourself as an advanced skater or have tried the first-way several times. Then you can definitely try this step. While skating, simply step your one foot up & then your second foot. This time, you don’t have to stop.

#7. Use Hand Signals

When skating on the road, don’t be shy to use hand signals to indicate your intentions to drivers, such as turning or stopping. This improves communication and thus safety.

#8. Avoid Rain and Wet Roads

Wet roads reduce traction and can make skating slippery. It’s best to avoid skating in rainy or wet conditions.

#9. Practice braking

Make sure you can safely and effectively brake before skating on the road. Practice stopping techniques in a controlled environment like a skating rink to build confidence.

#10. Stay Visible

Wear bright and reflective clothing, especially if skating in low-light conditions at night or in late evening. Being visible to drivers is important for your safety.

#11. Avoid High Traffic Hours

If possible, skate during low-traffic times, such as early morning or late evening, to reduce the risk of encounters with vehicles.

#12. Carry a bandage or Other Small medical kits in Your Pocket

I can’t explain how many times this little bandage has helped me during my skating, so honestly, it is a must to carry when you’re first going roller skating on the road. You can also carry one waist back and carry some other essential medical items with you in case of emergencies. It is actually pretty handy for us rollerskaters, you can put your phone and many other useful things and carry on your skating journey with them.


When you roller skate on the road, choose smoother roads with fewer vehicles and people, and avoid bumpy roads. If you’re new to skating, practice indoors before hitting the road. If you’re still unsure, streets with less traffic are a great place to start.

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